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Do you want to see what your Fairground or Facility looks like, Interactive & Online?
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    Fairs Management Interactive (“Fairs M.I.”) provides you the ability to evaluate our Planning Tools as a 60-day free trial.

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    We create a special demo installation online, with your own facility grounds and exhibit buildings online, ... interactive and ready for your staff to tryout. You can manage actual events and facility management tasks.

    It’s Easy!

    We generate the scale outdoor areas from our own resources, and you provide us drawings of your exhibit buildings.
    The drawings of buildings can be PDF’s, Illustrations, AutoCAD files, even rough pencil sketches!
    The beauty of Fairs M.I. is, if you have on file a problematic building floorplan, our tools are perfect for dealing with out-of-date or incorrect building drawings, and can finally give you accurate and predictable layouts.

    Fairs M.I. provides you free unlimited updates to your facility floorplans and areas. So, if you renovate a building, or identify a correction to the drawing, …even if on your outdoor map there are some trees removed,
    We revise your maps and floorplans as many times as needed for free.
    When you get your free 60-day trial we work with your staff to explain, teach, and assist, just as if you are already a paid Client. We put some of your buildings and outdoor areas online for any of your staff to work with. It perfectly fine to use it for any of your actual events.

    First fill out the form below, we’ll contact you, and decide for yourself,... trying it out with real world tasks and on your own facility!

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    Please Note:
    All we need from you to get started is some basic contact information, a facility grounds map of any quality just to show buildings and areas identified, and and one or two (or more if you want) building floorplans.

    Don’t have much in the way of building drawings?
    Don’t be concerned, we have been creating building floorplans for exhibition halls since 1988!
    We have lots of methods and approaches to create solutions. If your floorplans are professionally drafted with AutoCAD, we can process them right on to your Fairs M.I. Planner. But even if your floorplans have been drawn “on a paper napkin with crayon”, we have solutions that will not only provide you online interactive planners, but hard copies for you to use in your offices at no cost to you!