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Welcome to "Fairs M.I." Event and Facility Planner Tools
(creating layout and infrastructure mapping solutions since 2002)

Our new version (FMI2") is quicker, even easier to use, with more features added!
But our website hasn't caught up with these changes yet!
So while the rest of our website catches up,
Please use the information on this home page for the most up-to-date info.

As the public health restrictions begin to be lifted , Fair Managers are
ready to make their planning changes around the new regulations .....
but don't have enough time in the day, "playing catch up", with all their tasks

So in response, we have begun a series of 3 minute online learning videos,
("Flash Cards") organized so Managers can begin using the Planner Tools,
immediately.... investing a minimum time in the process.

More Video Lesson Topics

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Fairs Management Interactive understands, providing the most economically priced solutions to the Fair Industry is required, now more than ever.
And we have provided this is in several ways:

  • Reducing general pricing by at least 50%
  • Providing significant additional discounts in strategic partnership with Associations.
  • Offering new customer fairgrounds a free 3 month trial.
  • Providing existing Clients their next year subscription free, when they "sponsor" or recommend a new Fair's joining in!