Virtual 360 Facility Tours

Our “Virtual 360 Degree Tours” provide your Exhibitors, Visitors, Contractors, and Staff a complete360 degree view of all your outdoor and interior areas.

  • Every Exhibit Hall, Lobby, Meeting Room, Exterior.
  • Every Outdoor Area, Parking Lot, Entrance Gate
  • Every Arena, Stadium, Track

We come on-site and photograph every area, then return to our Fairs M.I. Studio to create an online 360 View of your facility.
The technology is designed simply enough, so that in the future you can add to your collection or update a current view, by taking new photographs yourself, …. or you can have us return to create updated photos.

The end-result is a comprehensive visual library of your entire facility.

Examples of just some of the Uses:

  • Small Wedding Reception requires a “tour” of the room for the Mother of the Bride, or Caterer?
  • Construction Contractor or Delivery coming onsite and requires a location identified?
  • Fire Marshall, Disabilities, Emergency Response issue?
  • Exhibitor, or Vendor questions about site?
  • Guide for Attendees?

How Does It Work?

We make it simple.
For Fairs M.I. Subscribers the cost is:

  • Expenses (Travel and Lodging, not Food)
  • Per Diem ($500 per day full work days, and $250 per days that include travel)

This includes the photo sessions on-site and the programming and installation of your Virtual 360 Tour online. And while on location especially if there are weather delays, we include free one-on-one or group training sessions for your staff
Typically we spend 3 days onsite (usually 2 days is all we need but we factor in an extra day for weather and/or Staff training. And we spend 2 days traveling (round trip).

Its normal for us to take several hundred (even a thousand) photos to produce a 360 Virtual Tour, … which we also provide to you to keep for your own uses.

Check out the examples we have here on our website (Flash enabled browsers are required, so Android phones and other non-Flash compatible systems will not properly display the Tours).

For more information contact:

Steven Bolgiano
[email protected]