A Brief Description of the Fairs M.I. Online software

Please take a few minutes to watch our
"How It Works" - Guided Video Tour
and see for yourself how Fairs M.I. works,
... A suite of planning tools where tasks are just a matter of minutes, instead of hours or days!

Minimizing Your Time Invested is Our Priority

  • To Get Started, You only need to:
    • Provide us building floorplans (pdf’s, AutoCAD, illustrations, or even paper sketches) and names of outside areas or sections ….
    • Participate in Learning Sessions scheduled at times and duration of your convenience (see “Learning Sessions” below) …
  • 60 day free trial with your own facility and fairgrounds online and interactive, allows you plenty of opportunities and time to "test drive"
  • Fairs M.I. does not try to reinvent the industry, or change your methods or routines. It works for you.
    Our job is to provide you the tools that seamlessly integrate into your current operations.
  • New Customers are provided our "Jump Start" program. You provide us a previous year or new event layout, and we build the first ones online for you. So you don't have to start "from scratch" to begin managing an event!
  • Your time is used only to complete the tasks you need to get done planning events and managing your facility.


  • All your buildings and areas online as interactive floorplans and maps, with easy-to-use controls for laying out and labeling booths, concessions, pavilions, que lines, barriers, tent, carnival rides, and more. All custom pre-drawn scale elements that just drag-n-drop onto your outdoor and indoor exhibit areas.
  • Planning tools for buildings and outdoor areas are accurate down to inches, providing efficient and accurate event set ups
  • Our unique “Custom Object Icon” systems allow you to place specialized objects onto your plans. (event equipment, unusually shaped objects or exhibits, or building footprints for facility expansion planning).
  • Your Fairs M.I. installation is created just for you, with logos and color themes.
  • Fairs M.I. operates online, no installations needed, no software, no special equipment.
  • Can be used for an unlimited number of Events, with unlimited number of User “Seats”.
  • Secure with individual password access for each of your staff.

Predictable Cost

  • Free Unlimited support and learning sessions, one-on-one for each staff member, or group learning sessions.
  • Free Unlimited upgrades
  • Free Unlimited Site editing
    Add or renovate a building, build a road, remove a tree, change your logo? … no problem!
    Submit your request and in 48 hours, when you go to your Fairs M.I. site, it’s done.


  • Annual Payments, with price based on facility size, number of events and attendance numbers.
    (Typically a small Fairground is $900, medium is $1,500, large is $2,500, and extra-large is $3,000.
  • Although the Customer has no obligation beyond each year’s subscription, paid in advance, … Fairs M.I. provides a 3-year fixed price guarantee.

Learning Sessions

  • No manuals to read!
  • Phone Guided learning sessions.
    • You only learn what you need to get the job done. Your learning program is customized to only learn what you need to accomplish.
    • We guide you step by step how to use the tools
    • The first learning session will be 30-45 minutes. And you will be able to start using the tools for real day-to-day tasks immediately.
    • Typically, we schedule for a few weeks following short refresher sessions of 10 to 15 minutes, or longer if you need to explore advance uses.
    • But you have unlimited numbers and lengths of sessions, for as many of your staff as you wish to train.
  • Also, Video guided lessons online. If you don’t see a video that answers your question, we will create one just for you.

Facility Expansion Planning and Renovation

  • Fairs M.I. can save you hundreds of Committee hours, and thousands of billed Engineering dollars, by narrowing down acceptable options to provide to engineering or architectural firms.
    Ask us to show you how.