Measuring your technology’s value to your operations?

Technology has a funny way of insisting that its own value is an improvement, solely because it’s a change, and its so
…. well, ... because it's just so "Technical"!

And as ridiculous as that seems, when we look at how an Organization’s methods, routines, and financial priorities shift with the increased presence of technology, it does become apparent that the core purpose of an Organization can be diluted with technical "advancements".

My favorite example, is that NASA spent millions of dollars developing a pen to write in zero gravity, while the Russians sent their Cosmonauts up into space with a pencil!

We can easily get lost in discussing the value of a technology by comparing gadgetry with their “whistles, bangs, and pops” (or smoke and mirrors?).

But I propose that the best way to measure the value of a technology in your workplace, is to identify the tasks within your operations that technology CANNOT replace, … and determine if your technology tools have provided you any more time and/or efficient means to accomplish those types of tasks!
Because any process with technology, can be made to run faster, multi-task more, or communicate across wider networks, ... BUT if in the end it takes more time and resources away from the tasks that technology can’t replace …. You are going backwards.

Invention isn’t necessarily the same as Innovation. We as organizations hope that we are constantly innovating;
Adapting to the reality of market trends, shifting demographics, changing economies, AND maintaining the position “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Obviously, my bias in this discussion is my events and facility management tool, Fairs Management Interactive.
And as powerful and unique as my software is, it does not do everything. But what it does do is significantly free up time for Coordinators, Managers, and Sales teams to more effectively pursue the tasks that technology cannot replace.

One example would be regarding Interim Events.
Determining the real cost in dollars and man-hours to organize, set-up, and break-down small one-day events can be difficult. If it is simply a Hall rental with no services other than processing the account, opening the doors, and cleaning after, then the margin of profit is much simpler.
But when it’s a sales, services, and contract “campaign”, with client-to-facility tour meet ups, layouts of table/drayage setup approvals, change requests, onsite personnel services, etc. …. Then the draw-down on your organizations resources as a whole can be affected enough to question the value in pursuing 365 days use of your facility.

In addition to its powerful site layout and  planning tools .... Fairs Management Interactive (“Fairs M.I.”) allows Event Coordinators to provide by remote, virtual tours of their entire facility to potential customers. Fairs M.I. gives those Coordinators themselves, the ability to do real time adjustments of floor plans, while on phone consultation with clients, so the clients can immediately see and approve changes efficiently.

In terms of facility infrastructure management, site-renovation planning, emergency response planning, and other typically time intensive tasks, Fairs M.I. tools provide an efficiency and communication advantage, to free up your staffs time to complete non-technology tasks.


Steven Bolgiano
Professional Services Director
"Fairs M.I."