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Fairs M.I. is an annual subscription, that provides you an absolutely predictable cost, with no obligation past your 1 year subscription price, ...
But your first year subscription comes with an ongoing fixed pricing schedule, guaranteeing you a fixed price, with no increases, as long as you subscribe each year.
- Unlimited "Seats" (Users).
- Unlimited Number of Events Usage
- Unlimited Upgrades and Support (Direct phone access for help 24/7)
- Unlimited changes, additions, corrections.
- Phone Guided one-on-one or team learning sessions. Structured lessons focused on your tasks.
- Free "Kick Start" (You provide us a layout for an event, and we get the setup started).
- Fairs M.I.'s Owner, Steven Bolgiano has been directly working and consulting
in the Events and Expositions industry for 30 years.

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