• Can I use this Planner for more than just my Fair? Can I use it for Interim Events as well? And how many of my Staff can have individual access to their own or team projects?
    - Unlimited number of Events, Unlimited Users

  • Do I need to provide you an aerial map?
    - No. We do that. Unless you have one for us.

  • What if our facility or landscape has changed since the last aerial map was taken?
    - Our graphics department will update it.

  • Our floorplans of our Exhibit Halls are basically rough sketches on paper, can you use these?
    - Yes! Our software can convert PDF or AutoCAD plans into our system. More often than not, we create a fine line tracing of Customer’s floorplans so that all are conventionally drawn building floorplans. 30 years’ experience in exhibition hall design drafting makes this easy for us. AND you get to keep an upgraded drawing for yourself!

  • What about changes to our facility after subscribing?
    - All changes, corrections, added buildings, or outdoor views, etc. are included at no cost.

  • How easy is it to learn? How much time is needed?
    - You will be productive in a only a few minutes.
    We train you directly on just the tasks you Our goal is to make sure all your time with Fairs M.I. is spent accomplishing real tasks. Typically, your first phone guided tour is 1 hour. After that we try to keep lessons at 15 or 20 minutes so as not to disrupt your work day. After our first demo presentation to you, you’ll see how easy, fast, and powerful it is!

  • Is Fairs M.I. just for event planning?
    - No. Fairs I. is often used for facility renovation planning, visualizing, and evaluating the size and placement of new buildings or roads. We can create for you, comprehensive utility location maps for quick emergency reference. Parking lots and RV parks can be designed and managed. And even Emergency Fire Fighter Camps can be planned.