Quick Video Reference & Overview

Overview of what Fairs M.I. does, and how it works for you.

Tips and Info for New Customer Installations:

Tip -Submitting your building floor plans to Fairs M.I. to be processed

Learning Videos:

Lesson 1:
Event Planner Tools - Basic tools Introduction

Lesson 2:
Creating automatically numbered groups of booths, tables, parking spaces, and more.

Lesson 3:
"Icons" are custom objects, symbols, setups, we create for you. Special utility markers, temporary lavatory facilities, tents, irregular shaped exhibits, proposed new buildings, anything! All you do is drag and drop these scale items onto your plans.


Lesson 4:
Tips for Making a Neat Straight Line of Booths & Spacing Out Booths Accurately to specific Distances.

Lesson 5:
Saving & Loading your Plans, Combining & Sharing Layouts between Coordinators. Managing your library of facility and event layouts.

Lesson 6:
Maximizing Booth Space in Halls. Fairs M.I. automatically lays out booth configurations in literally seconds, simply by setting booth sizes, aisle width, and numbers of aisles. Layouts can be set for horizontal or vertical orientation. And Booths Automatically Numbered, left-to-right, or right to left. You can even set the starting number system for multiple hall events, numbered accordingly (100s, 200s, 300s, etc)

Lesson 7:
Sharing Floorplan Layouts with Customers, and Editing Real Time on Phone Consultation. Review plans with Customers or Committees on conference calls and make edits on-the-fly, that everyone can see in real time and comment (Only you have the editing controls however!).

We encourage our Customers to request a Learning Video of any question they may have, so that they have it available for convenient reference.

Customer Requested Lesson :
Insert Cafe Table Set Up Into Fair Plan. Table tops can be laid out automatically in the traditional "X" pattern, or in straight rows and columns. In just a few seconds you can create cafe or food service areas anywhere on your event site.

Tip: - Thumbtack Notes Map (Speed Lesson, less than 3 min. video)

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